On Psychosis & PTSD

At times I find myself slipping into the seeming normalcy of my life; going to work, performing my routines, running errands, spending time with my partner Matthew, and doing things that bring me pleasure and relaxation. In these moments, I gain a sense of who I used to be before my most recent manic episode, … Continue reading On Psychosis & PTSD

Mentally ????

This past year has been full of experiences and realizations that have led me to the conclusion that I need to not only totally revamp my identity, but also this blog. While I know that I started Mentally Buff with the best intentions (to help other people, to share my story, to destigmatize mental illness) … Continue reading Mentally ????

On Being Human: An Interview with Mary Grace Diaz

I recently went over to my great friend Mary’s house for some of their amazing vegan enchiladas and Mexican rice, as well as to interview them about their experiences with depression and weening off of pharmaceuticals to take an alternative approach to their mental health. They share what this alternative approach looks like, with things … Continue reading On Being Human: An Interview with Mary Grace Diaz

Sexual Healing

In my holistic approach to healing my mental illness, I left no rock unturned or unexplored. This included my sexuality. As I matured, I realized that my conventional approach to sexuality was having negative impacts on my relationships with my sexual partners, my view of myself, and consequentially, my mental health. It’s very interesting to … Continue reading Sexual Healing